Photo: Madison Stevens / Polar Bears International

Belugas swimming underwater

Beluga Cams

Immerse yourself in our Beluga Cams, streaming live from the Churchill River and Hudson Bay.

During ice-free periods in the summer months, about two-thirds of the world's beluga population (approximately 150,000 whales) spend time in more southern Canadian waters. Thousands of these whales travel to the Churchill River, which flows into Hudson Bay, to feed, molt, and give birth to their vulnerable calves in the safety of the shallow waters.

Every summer, in partnership with, we bring the belugas to you live with two different views from our Beluga Boat, Delphi. Experience a bit of the beluga’s world and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of their experience through these live cams. During off seasons, watch highlights.

Beluga Boat Underwater Cam

Beluga Boat On Deck Cam

Did you know that the beluga’s scientific name is Delphinapterus leucas? The genus name, Delphinapterus, means "dolphin without a fin” and the species name leucas, means "white."

Our live cams are operated as part of a partnership with, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation, and Frontiers North Adventures. Special thanks to Custom Churchill Tours.

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